This episode is about anchoring in the Power available to launch into your next level of achievement. 

This episode is about a tenacious discipline not to give up to press into your purpose. Never quitting. Refusing to Lose and determine to reach your purpose and actualize your goals.

This week is about "Grit" finding the grit that propels your dream into reality.

This week's podcast is about fueling your life from your intimacy with God. He is the source for living, thriving, and becoming. 

This episode is about discerning the negative and positive in your life and making intentional decisions to bring increase through effective practices to force change and growth. 

Week #2 Podcast Upcoming Monday @ 6:30 a.m. Our topic this upcoming Monday is " Using What I Learned to Seed My Life" @ 6:30 a.m.  Don't forget to crab the Outline and Journal from my website 

Week One of the 52 Weeks to Achieving Your Goals. "Learning From Your Past."

It will be important this week to get ready for your process to achieving your goals in 2019. This work will demand of you the work of self. Week one is designed to lay the foundation for life growth by looking through your rearview mirror of life and identifying how you have grown or are became stuck in a phase of life that is impeding you from living, thriving, and becoming!